Tips To Turn Your Regular Bedroom Into a 5-Star Hotel Room

Everyone wants to settle into a 5 star hotel permanently and never come back. There are lots of ways to replicate the ambience of a luxury hotel room too. When you talk to the best interior designer Kolkata, they will offer insights on how to design a regular space so that it feels comforting and sophisticated as a 5 star hotel room. Read on the tips so that you can start implementing that in your home today. 

Do not compromise on bedding

People look forward to crashing in a luxury hotel bed when travelling because it helps them to sleep better. When you need a solid 8 hours sleep, you will look forward to maximizing your sleep time by making your bed ultra soothing and comfortable. Buy the best linens you can afford. 

Your bedding needs to feel luxurious and soft as it touches your skin. Reach out to the best interior designing company Kolkata as they will make your bedroom feel like you are being embraced in a warm cocoon. When it comes to pillow cases, choose Silk as they are turning out to be mainstream. 

Streamline the accessories

High end 5 star hotel rooms are never filled to the brim with accessories, they are designed with the right amount of home decor. Make sure to minimise visual clutter and add a small vase of flowers, an elegant clock, a silver jewellery dish and a bedside table. Speak to the best interior designer Kolkata if you want to choose items complementing the decor of your room. Pick items that you will be delighted to admire while you wake up everyday. 

Clean your own house

Being your own housekeeper is one of the best things about staying in a luxury hotel. You do not need to bother about making your bed every morning and coming back to a pristine room after retiring from drinking, eating and exploring a city. You need to make every effort to manage your household chores as soon as you wake up everyday. When it is almost bedtime, you will feel like you have just walked into a 5 star hotel room that offered you a turndown service. 

Hang Mirrors

Five star hotel rooms do not have to be bigger in size for feeling beautiful. The best interior designing company Kolkata will suggest you to place mirrors strategically within a space for reflecting light and making the room feel larger. They will suggest you create a makeshift vanity by placing the mirrors in the right corners. It will help your bedroom feel like it belongs to a heritage or boutique hotel. 

Display artwork

Artwork is something that provides your bedroom with added personality and remains the key component of luxury 5 star hotel rooms. The best interior designer Kolkata will take the opportunity to display framed pieces or large canvases once you hire them. If you are attracted to modern aesthetics, you can choose an abstract piece of art. If your style is inclined towards traditional, you can consider hanging a framed landscape. Black and white figure drawings are also quite classic. 

Wrapping Up 

Apart from all these, make sure to not ignore your bathroom attached to your bedroom. Finish off the hotel vibe by making your bathroom sleek and streamlined. Display everything in a petite basket and keep it above a marble tray. Make sure that your space is stocked and everything is there for your guest. Add a candle or a classy bottle of perfume and you are all ready. What are you waiting for? Convert your regular bedroom into a luxury hotel room now! 

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