Custom Home Decor Ideas for 2022

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Professional interior designers and home decor enthusiasts alike know how to play to your home’s strengths—hiding your home’s flaws while making it appealing to your personal design style. One of our favorite ways to add flair to your home decor is by adding custom elements, like personalized flooring, customized home decor accessories, and scent elements that make a house a home.

Set your house apart from the rest with our easy custom home decor ideas to freshen up your space in 2022.

Custom Home Decor Accessories

Custom home decor accessories are a great way to show off your personal interior style and complete every room in your home. Opt for personalized home decor elements, like customized pillows, blankets, and wall hangings made with your favorite photos, quotes, or initials. Photo customization sites make this process simple—just browse their wide variety of products, upload your favorite photo, text, or special digital memory, and they’ll do the rest. There’s plenty of options to choose from too. Consider a custom decorative name cutting board for your kitchen, shelf accents for your living space, or pillows to complete your master suite.

These custom decor options also make great gifts for your loved ones and great housewarming ideas for newlyweds, too.

Custom Art

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Purchasing custom art for your home is also a great way to make your living space shine. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home or update walls filled with store-bought art, choosing work from an independent artist rather than a mass-produced option from your favorite home decor store is always a great option. Consider commissioning a piece of artwork from an independent illustrator/online artist or purchasing handmade art. You can also create your own artwork to decorate your space with. Consider a custom paint by number canvas or create a unique, easy-to-make macrame wall hanging with a few items from a local craft store.

You can also choose to upcycle pieces you already have or make thrift-store pieces new again with a little bit of DIY savvy. Don’t be afraid to embellish your paintings and other art with a fresh perspective. Custom artwork is a great way to let your unique personality shine while showcasing your unique home decor style, too.


Flooring Made Just for You

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To make your home inviting, warm, and completely your own, you can also consider custom flooring options. From bamboo flooring to tile, custom flooring provides a sense of luxury, craftsmanship, and quality design to your space that is hard to find with more common flooring options, such as carpet and laminate. Whether you’re looking to change the style or color of your home, or just want to start fresh with a completely new, modern design, there’s tons of options to choose from when getting started.

Don’t fret over the high price tag either—custom flooring is a great way to increase your home’s value while also making an aesthetic design choice along the way.


Custom Scents for Your Home

Aroma sticks in glass diffuser bottle with decorative Gypsophila branch placed on marble stand near geometric decor on blue background

A good scent can be a comforting, powerful experience. Think of your childhood home: do you have fond memories of your mom making your favorite dishes or the way the Christmas tree smelled during the holidays? Scent is a powerful thing, and creating a signature scent for your home can be just as transformative for your space. While you can opt for store-bought Febreze or wallflowers from your favorite bath store, we prefer custom scent options to create a certain mood within our space.

Opt for a classic aroma diffuser in a signature scent or create a DIY home freshener with a mason jar and some of your favorite essential oils. It’s easy to twist and tweak your recipes;  stick with a singular scent or create unique blends to create a certain mood in your space.


Custom Lighting for Your Space

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You can also elevate your living space’s design with custom lighting that complements the other interior elements in your space. Ditch the cookie-cutter lighting options from big box stores and look for unique fixtures that can be made just for your space. Custom light fixtures are perfect if you’re working with a limited color palette or want to make small tweaks to an existing design. If you can imagine it, chances are you can find a manufacturer who can design it!

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