A Guide on How to Choose Table Lamps for Your Home

All lighting is not made equal, and it’s widely known that a scheme of general lightning is improper and harsh. A layered lighting scheme is ideal to light up your home where lightning is enough for your needs. It uses a variety of lighting sources and is not used for glaring purposes. And that’s why table lamps are an essential part of any well-lit space. Here in this article, we’ll guide you in choosing the table lamps for your home.

Factors to Consider When Buying Table Lamps for Your Home

Consider the following 3 factors before you purchase the table lamp.

1. Table Lamp Materials

Table lamps are available in a wide variety of materials in the market ranging from traditional to contemporary. Materials such as selenite, alabaster, and wood are also becoming a favorite choice material in the table lamp.

2. Table Lamp Styles

Table lamp styles vary from stylish gourd shapes to the sculptural statement. It also includes embellished designs with agate slices. You can choose the style based on your personal taste, and to avoid confusion, make sure to look for the style you desire on the internet.

3. Table Lamp Shades

Typical contemporary shapes for table lampshades are empire, drum, and rectangle. It also includes traditional forms such as a bell or box pleat. The materials used in the shade are paper, silk, and linen.

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Top Tips on How to Use the Table Lamp

  • Make sure to hide all the unsightly cords or cables. This can be accomplished by tucking them away or taping/stapling them to an inconspicuous component of your furniture piece. For example, designers frequently tie cables to table legs to keep them tidy.
  • Table lamps for your home are generally not referred to as task lighting. They are mainly used for specific applications that require different bulbs. Brightness is now most accurately assessed in lumens rather than wattage. For example, if you want to use your table lamp while reading a book on the desk, go for a stronger light (about 50 lumens). Or, if you want to use the lamp in the bedroom to create an atmosphere, then go for a softer light (around 30 watts).
  • Another function of the table lamp which you can use is to control the amount of light from each lamp when you need it. You can consider this when you’re planning your lighting scheme at the start. You can adjust the lighting according to your need and even increase or reduce it.
  • Whenever you’re buying accessories, always consider your table lamps for your home to ensure that it creates a complementary display.
  • You can even mix up the lamps, especially if your room’s style leans towards electric. Although, try to keep them bedside table lamps or sideboard and console table lamps.
  • Make sure to take care of the table lamps as much as you do for your other room’s accessories. Dust them whenever they need them, and check them every week whether they are working properly or not.

Where to Place a Table Lamp?

Table lamps are the most commonly used lighting options in the house. The reason is that they are designed in a way that they can use in every room. The top three places where you should put your table lamp are:

On A Bedside Table

You need subtle lighting more at bedtime than any other time. A quality table lamp can write a romantic, calm, and peaceful atmosphere in the room, which you can easily enjoy with your family or partner.

In the Hallway

A table lamp makes the perfect partner with the console table because it can provide you light at the most critical time you need. Whether you have lost keys or something else, they help you find all of them.

On a Side Table

A table lamp on a side table is a great option to add a layer of lighting around eye level. It works ideal in a living room or sitting room.

Things that You Can Do to Save Money on Buying Table Lamps

If you’re planning to buy a table lamp for your home from a mall or physical store, then make sure to inquire about all essential details about the table lamp, such as their style and material. Also, inquire about the length of the table lamp’s shade. Asking many questions can help you know everything about the table lamp you’ll buy, and don’t waste money on one that you’ll regret later.

If you’re planning to buy the lamp from a lamp store, then inquire all about the lamp from a knowledgeable and senior salesperson. Consider asking about the lamp’s cables, cord, lighting, shade, and base color. A reliable salesperson will be happy to give you all the information you need rather than push you to buy the lamp.

After having all the information you need about the lamp, it’s time for you to check out their price tag. Ask the salesperson that the price tag price is the final price because they may have hidden charges like taxes or shipping fees. Make sure to inquire about the sales tax of the light items within your city.

Now that you’re done with all your research, the only thing left is to buy the table lamp for your home. There are two options for buying them; a local store or an online store. If you want to get a real-life experience of seeing the lamp, you should visit the local store. However, it is also essential for you to check the online store. In online stores, you will get the widest collection of table lamps. Some online stores also offer customer reviews so that you can read the experience of other customers about the table lamp. They also offer special deals, the best discount codes, and promotional sales on table lamps so you can purchase them at affordable prices. However, make sure that the stores offer features such as warranty, exchange, or return in any unfortunate case.

Wrap Up

This guide is helpful when you’re planning to buy table lamps for your home. You can get a quality table lamp by considering the 3 factors mentioned above. The tips will help you use the table lamp in the best way, and the table lamp will look great in the 3 places, which are on a bedside table, a side table, and in the hallway. Moreover, follow the things to save extra bucks on your table lamp shopping.

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