Key Hacks About Installing Outdoor String Lights

Hanging decorative pendant lamps or string lights can improve your patio, deck, and backyard. Home depot lighting is weatherproof and allows you to use the area throughout the year. Learn this guide to know how to hang outdoor lights around your home. 

Hanging string and pendant lights on wood or other materials

There is a unique way to hang string lights or pendant lights in a yard without trees. Simply attach them to the parts of your house made from materials like wood and stucco. This procedure is similar to installing those lights on trees. The primary difference is that you may require to use wall anchors made especially for that material for securing the hooks in place. 

A combination of staples and hooks may be the ideal option. This is usually true if string lights are overhead hanging. You can also buy decorative pendant lamps online and install them in a similar manner. 

Installing temporary string lights

Installing your string lights permanently means they are ready to use when you want. But you can also amp up your backyard without using a staple or drill in one of these ways: 

  • Make sure to drape string lights between the tree branches. Go for a natural look rather than an architectural and uniform style. 
  • Start hanging the lights on the shrubs. Using a ladder, in this case, may help.
  • Line walkways or pathways with string lights. Use weatherproof outdoor tape that will hold them in place so that they do not move throughout the day. 
  • Drape the lights on a wooden fence. 

Hanging string lights on your deck railing

If you are thinking about how to hang pendant or string lights in the backyard without trees, feel free to install them on your deck railings instead. 

  • Measure the decorative pendant lamps online for running the entire length of the deck railing. If you want, you can also light only the main length of the railing and leave the other sides open. 
  • Ensure that your string light is attached to an extension cord. 
  • Beginning with the string light closest to the power supply, using a staple gun for fastening the lights under your railing may help. It will keep the staples out of sight and also hold your string lights in place. Make sure to be safe and do not allow the staples to puncture the strings. 
  • Carry on with this process, and continue adding the staples near every light. Pull the lights firmly as you go. 
  • Install the pendant lamps and check your lights again. 

If you want a more simple option, you can use exterior tape other than staples if you are concerned about damaging the deck railing. 

To Conclude

Light up your backyard or deck with a stylish pendant or string lights in a variety of bulb colors and lengths, sizes, and shapes. Make sure to go for a permanent installation or a simple temporary option like draping them in bushes or trees. There are lots of ways when it comes to home depot lighting. We have explained a few on our blog for you to see and apply to your homes. Feel free to seek immediate professional help if you cannot hang out with lights on the deck, trees, or other materials. 

Whatever is your style, Khadiza Electricals features an array of decorative pendant lamps online that can add a unique look to exterior areas and illuminate your parties. Now that you have learned how you can hang the lights outdoors, feel free to find the items you need from our website. 

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