How To Find The Right Lights For Home Wall Art

When you want to hang wall art on the walls of your house, keep in mind that it reflects your taste and your interest in who you are. Whether they are the work from a struggling artist or framed prints or photographs, they brighten up your home and provide it with a distinct personality. There are four ways to light hanging art: regular interior lighting, decorative night lamps, track lighting, and picture lights attached to the frames. You can also try unique table lamps if you want a different essence. 

Regular interior lighting

You can buy decorative hanging lights online and place them in front of the wall art to illuminate it in a better manner. You can also choose to buy decorative night lamps online but the placement, in this case, is the main issue to consider. In other words, consulting an Interior decoration professional can help when it comes to installing decorative night lamps adjacent to wall art. 

Picture lights

Picture lights attached to a photo or art frame give the work the most direct light. Become in various metallic finishes or lengths. One of the best benefits of picture lights is that they can act as an intimate ambient lighting source. The lights and the art brighten the night. To discover the width of light to purchase for your art, you need to measure the width of the photo frame and use these rules for determining the best length. 

  • 8 to 14 inches wide, use a 4 1/2-inch light.
  • 12 to 18 inches wide, use a 5 1/2-inch light.
  • 16 to 24 inches wide, use a 7- to 9-inch light.
  • 25 to 37 inches wide, use a 14 1/2- to 16-inch light.
  • 35 inches wide, buy a 30-inch light.

Track Lights

Track lighting enables the direction of the light to be personalized and allows you to light up the entire artwork or multiple works. It would be the best way to light a hall gallery of artworks. The direction of the light can be easily changed if you switch off the artworks you display. The best part about track lighting is that they are easy to install. You can also buy unique table lamps as they provide you with the same benefits as track lighting. But, they are expensive to install. 

Preventing damage

No matter whether you choose to buy decorative hanging lights online or buy decorative night lamps online, it is essential to understand that light and heat from the lights can damage the original artwork with time. If your artworks are prints or photos mounted under glass, you do not need to worry. In this case, you can choose to use an LED light rather than halogen lights with UV lights or UV filters that are placed at a great distance away from the wall art. 

Wrapping Up

No matter the type of lights you purchase or want to display in your home, keep in mind that good picture lighting makes your artwork come alive and as a new dimension to your house. Feel free to check out the most popular websites when it comes to finding the right lights for your wall art. We, at Khadiza Electricals, offer you a unique collection of home decor and designing items. No matter your need, when you choose to illuminate your artwork or buy decorative lamps, there are always options that you will find on our website that will make your house lively and give it a distinct personality.

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