How to make your little rooms look bigger by using lamps

Your apartment or rooms look small for your liking, and you don’t feel great about it. Don’t you agree with me that small is better since;

– Small is easy to decorate,

– Small is easy to clean,

– And small is easy to organize, etc.

According to Agape Home Services, a home remodeling company in Texas, you could lie to your mind and eyes about the size of rooms and make rooms look bigger? This is not just another fart lie on the internet! It even has a name in science, and scientists call it optical illusion: uniform or even light gives off a feeling of being constrained; that is why a strong shining bulb (boob light) placed at the center of a ceiling is not the best option. In other words, if you look at someone standing in front of a mirror, he will appear far from the wall (a feeling of a larger room); if there is a bulb between the person and the wall is shining with the same brightness on them both.

So here are some tips on how to use lamps and appropriate lighting to make a room seem, feel and appear bigger and larger;

1. Get more than one light source.

Be it natural light from the sun or artificial light, lighting from just a spot will only give a boob light effect as described above, which will cast a pool of light on a spot only. Having multiple light sources around the room will open it up, and all its corners and home modeling Texas excel in such.

2. Wall lights

Making more emphasis on spreading light around, using wall light is an option that comes thumbs up as it brings out the room’s shape to the fullest. Lighting corners and recess is very handy as it makes the room look wider.

3. Long pendant lamps

The use of a long pendant helps enormously emphasize the room’s height and helps make a room seem wider. This emphasis can be more noticeable by using tall, thin furniture with high shelves. The long pendant lamps can also help complement rooms that lack square footage.

4. Light color lampshades

As lighting plays an important role in making a room seem larger, the color of the furniture, the walls, and the room in general play a role. Generally, light color lit up the room, making it brighter and larger. Similarly, light color lamp shades will make the room brighter and seem larger.

5. Shapes of the lampshades

The shapes of the lampshades do not seem significant, but in a small room, it is advised to use square lamp shades for table lamps with places on narrow tables or tables at the edges of the walls since they will just fit in to save space.

6. Spindly lamps with small shades

If going for table lamps, it will be better if you go with slim and tall table lamps with small shades as they will emphasize the room’s vertical space, thereby giving off the impression of a larger room.

7. The big flamboyant lamp

Surprisingly, there are two opinions on what types of furniture or ornaments to use in a small room which are opposite though. First, we have one suggestion for smaller objects, and the other suggests one or two big (multi-functional) ones. Anyways, you could go for a big flamboyant lamp and elegant shades.

This means that you make your rooms look bigger; lighting has an important role; we are considering natural light or artificial light. Let’s look at some things one could do to make a room look bigger;

– Sponge the hodgepodge

The aim is to make the room look bigger, which means it must be very lit, bright, and airy. There is nothing that consumes much space like having too much stuff; getting them arranged behind a door or on a shelve won’t be a bad idea as the space in view will feel free, neat, and orderly.

– Clear the space

Make sure to leave the way to the room free as it will help the room look spacious and less cramped, and try to make the floor as visible as possible as it helps make the room appear larger, bigger, lit, and airy.

– Cozy and intimate

Another thing that helps a room appear more spacious, free, and airy is the color of the furniture and accessories. Generally, gloom and dark furniture absorb light making the room dull and seem cozy and intimate, while bright colors make the room feel open, spacious, and airy. For an optimal result, go for colors like off-white, grey, and soft tone of green and blue.

– Chameleon

Have you thought of coordinating colors of walls and furniture as contrasting colors tend rooms to appear smaller? Having furniture that blends with the wall gives this sense of unison, giving the illusion of a bigger room.

– Let it shine

As said earlier on, one of the tricks to getting room to appear larger is lighting, both natural and artificial will make a room appear much larger than it is. So open up the windows to allow natural light to the room, get enough lamps, and install track or recessed lighting.

– Glass and Lucite furniture

Using furniture made of transparent materials like glass and Lucite will allow you to see through them to probably the wall of the room, giving a sensation that the room is a little bit bigger.

Though this might be just a few feet, the difference will be clear. You can get a glass or Lucite tabletop with a base made of wood, stone, or metal; the space around the table will be open to a view beyond. Home modeling texas would do a great job remodeling your homes or renovating multiple rooms in your house.

– Mirrors on the wall

Mirrors are known to reflect light which can aid in the brightening of a room, and not just that, they can also reflect the apartment and the furniture giving the illusion of a larger room. So using a large framed mirror or an oversized stand framed mirror will give an oversized room as a mirror wall but with more style.

– Go big

Why go big when I have a small room? I want to seem bigger?

Instead of having much furniture, you can for bigger multi-functional furniture like bed sofa, bed with cupboards and many more.

So looking at making a room look bigger isn’t as hard as you thought, right! Do not forget the keyword is lighting, and the right space configuration can be done by home remodeling, Texas.

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