Siding Cleaning – A Step by Step Guide for Homeowners

When your vinyl siding starts to look dull or dirty, it’s time for a day of washing and rinsing. Here’s a step by step guide for siding cleaning to give your siding the restoration it needs.

#1 – Pick your cleaning solution.

While some commercial vinyl siding cleaners may be appropriate, using dish soap mixed with water or vinegar mixed with water usually works just fine for siding cleaning jobs. Though some people may opt to use bleach to clean their white siding, check the manufacturer’s instructions before using it.

#2 – Pick your tool

Check the instructions for cleaning your siding from the manufacturer to ensure that you’re selecting the right tool for the job. For instance, some manufacturers may not want you to use pressure washers on their siding, while others think it’s effective as long as the pressure remains low. Regardless, a microfiber cloth or soft-bristled brush works just fine.

#3 – Grab a sturdy ladder

Make sure your ladder isn’t wobbly on the ground or else you might find your bucket of cleaning solution splashing all over the place, and worse yet, you might hurt yourself.

#4 – Start cleaning

Work your way up from the bottom, dipping your cloth or brush into the cleaning solution and rubbing away the dirt and grime.  As you clean, streaks of dirt may start to form. Rinse those away with a garden hose before they dry. For optimal cleaning, use the buddy system. As you wash with the cloth, your assistant can rinse with the hose.

A few extra tips: If your siding is not completely vinyl, such as if you also have brick or wood sections, cover those parts before cleaning so the water residue does not soak into them.

To keep your siding from discoloring, consult your manufacturer’s guide before spraying any chemicals like herbicides or insecticides near the siding.

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