Elegant yet functional Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of every home, which makes it all the more important. Planning and designing a kitchen is the fun yet most stressful part. It should be designed in the style you like but be functional simultaneously. A list has been given which will help you achieve that.

First of all, choose your style:

It is the first thing to decide when designing anything. If you are going to match your kitchen design with the rest of the house, then most of the items would be already sorted. But if you consider making it a bit separate from the house, you have a lot to figure out. Everything has to be picked out beforehand, from colours to lights to nobs. And need to check if they go together or not. There are plenty of readymade kitchen designs to choose from. Or you can check out Pinterest for inspiration.

Maximising Storage Options:

In kitchen, you can never have lack of storage. This is why it is crucial to utilise every corner you can find. And that can be achieved while looking elegant. There is no compromising on that one. Usually, the corners under the counters are left alone, leaving much of the usable space. But those corners can be used with lazy Susan or arrow-shaped drawers for keeping things.

Another thing you could do to make space functional utensil tray is added u to keep knives and folks in place. And magnetic strips can also be added so the knife won’t move out of place. Alongside your stovetop, a spice holder rack can be added—the place where things usually fall, and there is no way of getting them back. Hooks can be added to the cabinet doors to hang things. Under the sink, shelves can be added for storage. And a hanging dustbin on the door for easy clean-up. A built-in peg system can be introduced for keeping plates in the drawer.

Easy to walk around:

Whether it’s an open-space kitchen idea or a closed one, it’s vital that you can freely move around without bumping into things. All the items should have their designated place so nothing comes your way while moving around. All the appliances must be enclosed in shelves to give your kitchen an elegant look. The tapes can also be hidden in the sink if that is the look you are going for. And the cutting board can be specifically made to fit in and cover your sink area. So that place can also be utilised. Finally, all the things must be at a distance where they can be reached easily.

Kitchen Island:

You can only have one if you have the space for it. This is why it’s essential to design your kitchen space in a way where you can have everything you desire. For example, some might replace a kitchen Island with a dining table based on their preference. Although attaching the wheel to the Kitchen Island lets you move it around whenever you want. And the Kitchen Island can also be used for excess storage. Even as a small pantry.


To make your kitchen look elegant, select a light that matches the rest of your kitchen. Otherwise, it will look odd. You need to see where the light must be placed and their sizes. Because it is obvious that the same size light cannot be placed everywhere. And light also has to be placed inside the cabinets. The lighting in the kitchen can make or break the look. During the day, sunlight will come into the kitchen, but these lights create an ambience at night. Make sure you have a centrepiece for maximum effect and give a stunning look simultaneously.

Design to last:

Whenever you design your kitchen, there will always be something that is trending or in demand. But don’t fall for it and select the time-tested design and material. And made to last longer, plus it won’t look outdated after a few years because we all know it’s not easy to renovate your kitchen again and again, even if you have the time and budget. A well-made kitchen should last about a decade without any hiccups.

Some final tips:

DIY seems easy, buts it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Sometimes you might think that you can do it all on your own, but when it comes to implementation, you might get stuck. Kitchen making or even renovation includes a lot of things that you may not be an expert in, even if you know the basics. So it’s better to get the help of an expert to do it, and you can guide them throughout the making process. And if you cannot find one, it’s better to reach your close one. Or look for an expert who can link you to a company. Many Companies use Affiliate Networks for this sole purpose.

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