Craving For Red And White Kitchen Inspo? Read This!

Do you love simple kitchen colors but do not know how to add them to your kitchen? We will help you!

If you choose red as the primary shade in your kitchen, you may want to combine it with white to ton it a bit. White and red are not just combinations commonly used in kitchens, which is why you can try them for a unique look. It is one of the kitchen colour ideas for modern kitchen wall colors. Red represents strength and passion. On the other hand, white represents purity, cleanliness and clarity. Together, they are the perfect option for kitchen colour design.

There are many ways to include white and red combinations within your cooking space. If you are thinking white and red for your new kitchen, here are the ways to add them beautifully.

Red Kitchen Cabinets

Consider the lower cabinets if you do not want to go red completely on your kitchen cabinets. Instead, choose white color for the walls, upper cabinets and backsplash. If your kitchen is small, white upper cabinets will ensure that your kitchen will look less heavy and more oversized. It is one of the modern kitchen wall colors that acts a vibrant look to your cooking space.

If you do not like painting the upper and lower cabinets with different shades, you can consider a muted red shade for all the cabinets for a uniform look. Then, add some white color for a few drawers and just the walls and backsplash. You can pick various shades of red, and if you are getting your interiors done by a professional company like us, you can choose the shade and check how it will look.

A Red Backsplash

A colorful backsplash as a kitchen colour design can make your cooking space vibrant. A red backsplash is an ideal addition to your cooking space, with white kitchen cabinets and walls.

If you are not a fan of countertops and colorful cabinets, backsplashes can help you add all the colors you want to your kitchen. For example, you can keep the countertops and cabinets white and pick a red backsplash for your cooking area. It is an option for a simple kitchen colour that will also not look too loud.

Red And White Kitchen Appliances

If bright-colored kitchen cabinets are not your thing, you can still add red by accessorizing the appliances. Apart from choosing a standard black color for your utensils, you can choose accessories, appliances and utensils in your favorite white and red combination. They will act as a perfect pop-up to your space. It will help you ditch the confusion of modern kitchen wall colors and play with the accessories.

Buy A Red Refrigerator

It may be tough to understand, but you can purchase a red mixer or refrigerator to make your kitchen stand apart from the normal. So, what is more, remarkable than a vintage red refrigerator in your usual kitchen? Try this hack today, and let us know how it worked out for you.

A Red Door

One of the unexpected ways to make your kitchen stand out is by painting the kitchen door red. You can paint your kitchen door red and highlight it with golden handles to date it back to the older era.

Final Words

You can always choose to play with colors in your kitchen. A simple kitchen color will work as a masterpiece if you apply it carefully. If you want to write home decor blogs, you can quickly write for us by directly contacting us at We will help you carefully craft your idea and put it into words for people to read about your views.

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