Ultimate Guide on How to Buy Pendant Lamps for Your Home

Pendant lamps are widely used in offices, apartments, houses properties for the last few years. Chandeliers have been dominating the staple of lighting for decades, however, many homeowners and interior designers have adopted affordable and less complex pendant lights. But, they were way more decorative than chandeliers. 

They have a clean appearance and are available in a wide range of styles, designs and types. To get the best pendant lamps for your home, you can use our online discount codes to purchase and save as well. Pendant lights are mostly used in kitchens, and dining rooms. We have put together the following guide on how to buy the perfect pendant lamp for your home. 

How to Choose Pendant Lights for Your Home?

There are several approaches to choosing a pendant light. Decide on your décor style or room theme as a starting point and work your way from there. Next, choose the shape, size, and design of your pendant light, keep in mind the overall theme or style of the room. 

Glass Pendants

It is a traditional style pendant lamp for the home that is popular in house interior design. Typical glass pendants have a glass shade in various shapes and sizes, which can be clear or opal with ripple or crosshatch designs. Hand or mouth-blown glass pendants were common in the past, however, modern manufacturing uses machine moulded pendants.

Multi-light Pendants 

There are two types of multi-light pendants. The first consists of several arms extending from a central core, each with its light source. The second type is created by connecting many pendant suspension cords to a ceiling rose. These are frequently found in three, five, or nine light drops and can come with or without shades.

Globe Pendants

Classic round shades are mounted to a pendant light fixture in this type of pendant. They’re fantastic for distributing light evenly in a room or creating a traditional lighting style.

Drum Shade Pendant 

This type of pendant lamp for home is made up of a cylindrical drum-shaped shade, which can be utilized as a statement piece or as a wonderful alternative to glass pendant lights. They give a room a natural, soft diffusing touch.

Cord Pendants 

A ceiling rose, suspension cord and a naked light bulb are all that’s required. They make subtle statements and are ideal for showcasing designer bulbs in a single or clustered arrangement.

Shade Pendant 

Simply described, these lights consist of a shaded pendant light fixture. They are available in a wide range of materials, including copper, brass, and steel, as well as porcelain, wicker, and wood.

Linear Pendants

Linear pendants are simple, with one long tube bulb suspended from a long canopy. They’re frequently found suspended above kitchen island benches, restaurant kitchens, and bars.

Lanterns Pendants

When it comes to pendant lighting, the ultimate vintage style is based on historic street lanterns, which are often rectangular with an encased lamp holder.

Downlights Pendants

Downlight pendants direct light downwards, making them ideal task lighting. Downlight pendants provide intense and direct light, making them ideal for use over desks for reading and fine detail work, or on kitchen prep areas when cooking.

Inverted Pendants

The light from inverted pendant lights is reflected upwards, providing ambient lighting. It’s similar to semi-flush mounted lights, except that it’s suspended from a chain. For dining areas and kitchens, inverted pendant lights are ideal statement lighting.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Pendant Lights

As you’ve already noticed, pendant lighting comes in a wide variety of types. As you begin your search for pendant lamps for your home, the variety of styles may appear limitless. You can purchase different styles of pendant lamps at a discount price using best promo codes. Here are a few key factors to consider while you search for the best pendant lights for your home. 

The Design

If your pendant light will be hung in a room that is furnished in a specific style, you’ll want to narrow your search to light fixtures that match that style. Pendant lights, fortunately, are available in practically every décor style imaginable. Whether you’re trying for a modern, industrial, or farmhouse aesthetic, you should have no trouble finding a pendant that fits your needs. 

Pendant lights are also available in a wide range of colours and finishes, as well as shades or fixture designs that complement the overall look of the light. When it comes to design and style, you want to strike a balance between what you like and what would work in the room where the pendant will be installed. 

Before you buy a pendant lamp for home try to see it in the place you have in mind so you can tell how much of the style you enjoy on its own versus how well it fits in the available space.

The Price

Pendant lighting is available at a wide range of prices, depending on the styles and varieties available. The price range will be determined by several criteria, including the fixture’s type and style, as well as the brand that makes it. 

Consider the number of fixtures you’ll need, as well as any potential installation expenses, to help you pick the best pendant lamp for your home within your budget. If you need to hire someone to install it, it’s a good idea to consider that cost into the total price. 

You’ll find that buying a pendant is a lot easier if you can set a reasonable budget before you start looking at the possibilities.

The Room & Its Location

A pendant lamp that looks great in one room could look terrible in another. The place where the fixture will be installed should be a major consideration when deciding which pendant lamp for the home to purchase. If the pendant light provides a large amount of light on its own, you must choose between a larger pendant, one with many lights, or several mini-pendants. 

If the lamp will be used as an accent or additional light in a room that is already well lighted, you might want to choose one that is designed for ambient lighting. In some areas of the house, you can narrow your search to only style. In some cases, you’ll need to pay just as much attention to its functionality. 

Many pendant lights will suffice for both purposes; however, you should make sure that you get one that delivers the quantity of light you require while also complementing your home’s design.

The Furniture Sizes

This is, of course, a continuation of the room and its placement. You don’t want a pendant light that’s either too big or too little for the room, or one that hangs too high or too low. Before you go out and get a pendant lamp for your home, make sure you measure the space to see how big of a pendant you’ll need and how long the string should be. 

Depending on the size of the room and the sort of pendant lighting you choose, you’ll want to think about whether you should buy just one or several to hang together. 

Consider how much light you want them to provide, how much light each of the pendants you’re contemplating will emit, and if one or numerous pendants will look better in their intended place when making this decision.

The Finish & Materials

The materials used to make your pendant lights will have an impact on not just how they look, but also on the overall quality of the fixture. Some of the more budget-friendly options will feature plastic or fabric shades or bowls, whereas higher-end options will be composed of metals and glass, or even concrete. 

Aside from the materials used in its construction, you’ll have a variety of colours and finishes to choose pendant lamps for your home. When it comes to materials, your major concern once your pendant lamp is hung will be how difficult it is to clean. 

Most lights don’t get much use once they’re installed, though if you hang your pendant too low or in an inconvenient location, people might knock their heads on it that you shouldn’t do.

Last Words

Pendant lamps are popular because they look amazing and ideal match for specific places. If you enjoy the concept of hanging a pendant lamp (or several) in a certain area of your home, consider your options and choose the one that seems right to you. 

Don’t feel obligated to settle because your home is yours to transform into the picture of your dreams. You can choose from a variety of different pendant lamps for your home. So take your time to look over all of your alternatives, compare prices, and determine which pendant lamp is ideal for you.

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